“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

– Rumi

Tantra is not just about sexuality. Rather, it is a spiritual system that embraces and celebrates life! Yes, sexual Tantra has the potential to make our love lives fulfilling beyond imagination – but there’s much more to it than is often taught or even known about in the West.

Tantra teaches the art of living in harmony as a sacred offering to the Divine. Tantra acknowledges that, at our core, we ARE the Divine.

Tantra does not reject the world as a spiritual illusion but dives right into it. If we embrace our own humanity and nurture our intimate relationships, businesses and all the other aspects of life that are traditionally rejected by religion and ascetic branches of spirituality, we can make use of every situation we encounter as a teacher that helps us truly become whole again. The tantric way of looking at life is seeing every situation as a spiritual opportunity and a chance to grow. It is about developing into the most loving and powerful version of ourselves, opening our hearts more and more with every situation we encounter and living our full potential! Tantra is a commitment to love and evolution.

Sexuality can be a beautiful part of life and a powerful method to enhance our physical health and spiritual power – if it is embraced with the right mindset and practiced in the right way. Sex that holds adoration and respect for both the masculine and feminine principles can heal our lives in many ways and help us cultivate the joy, bliss and ecstasy that are our birthright. Yet, for most people, life is not ecstatic on a daily level and sexuality is a field where we feel there is much more fulfilment possible than we usually experience. Tantra is a system that serves as a tool to heal every part of life – not just our sexuality, but the whole of us – and because it cares for our sexual satisfaction and fulfillment too, it certainly is the most pleasurable spiritual path on the planet! By starting to practice sexual Tantra, the sexual pleasure and orgasmic potential of the practitioner are greatly enhanced and serve as catalyst for much greater happiness to spread into all aspects of life. Living a tantric lifestyle helps us to integrate and heal all parts of ourselves and, ultimately, leads to self-realization.

I have studied and experienced both Classical and Neo Tantra around the globe and am teaching an integrated version of Tantra as an art of living. My approach includes and values sexuality as much as any other tool that can help us realize the happiness, love and joy within us. You will learn practices for enhancing your orgasmic capacity and ability to connect on a deeper level with your partner, and to cultivate your life force energy. At the same time, these practices will lead you ultimately into a state where sex is not even needed or is just one aspect of blissful and ecstatic living because you find the true source of joy and happiness within you at all times.