“We are all meant to shine, as children do. We are born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us, it’s in everyone.” –
Marianne Williamson


We are meant to shine and feel good! Bliss and joy are meant to be our natural states and ecstasy our birthright!

But most of us don’t feel ecstatic in our daily lives. There might be pleasure but often real joy seems far away or it only shows up for a few fleeting moments.

For most of us, it seems that stress, tension, anxiety and agitation are always in the background, ready to grab us as soon as we slow down. Mostly, we are too busy or unwilling to face these unpleasant moments and therefore we look for something – often some activity or substance – that we hope will distract us and make us feel better. Such distractions do nothing more than push the feelings further into the unconscious where they remain as an underlying feeling of dissatisfaction – only arising occasionally when an external situation manifests to mirror these unconscious emotions. And when this happens, they are most often pushed away again.

Choosing evolution

The truth is that when we start facing the old emotional patterns that have accumulated inside of us and start cleansing our bodies and energetic systems of this emotional baggage, a natural high becomes our daily reality. This high is so beautiful and pure that it is not in any way comparable to an experience induced by drugs, but rather manifests as peacefully-embodied ecstasy and clarity – not just as an occasionally altered state but as a new way of being!

A sweet revolution

The point is that life can be more ecstatic and orgasmic than you probably ever thought was possible. Most of us have no idea just how good our bodies are designed to feel! Yet, as soon as our fuller energy starts to flow freely through our system, we begin to experience the real joy, harmony and serenity that is our natural state of being. We become aware that love is not something that must be searched for on the outside but something that is found deep within us.

But how do we find such a love? How can we experience this kind of transformation?

Spiritual Warrior

There are many powerful methods available to us and in The Path of Ecstasy Program I teach the ones that, in my own experience, have proven most effective for freeing ourselves from what separates us from our naturally orgasmic quality of being. These tools include Tantric Yoga, tantric practices and rituals, breathing techniques, meditation, work with the cacao plant, the use of mantras and devotional singing. The program also develops mental techniques to deal with everyday situations in ways that do not create more emotional baggage for us to carry. I will teach you the Tantric Way of Life as an art of living and the Way of the Spiritual Warrior as an outlook on life to help you experience your own everyday life as your greatest teacher – one in which every situation is a chance to evolve, grow and connect more to your heart as your truest being. Living in this way opens the door to our deepest self love and ultimately to the realization that love is our true nature.