Private Yoga Classes

Private classes are a great way of creating a personal yogic practice that supports you in your daily life. I will design a personal program for you that is tailored to your needs and supportive of your strengths. Your personal evolution is our strongest mutual focus.

The first meeting includes an introduction to the tantric Yoga style and the chakra and human energy system. We then discuss what it is that you want to achieve, what your body’s needs are and what kind of program suits your life’s situation best. Then we will practice together.

Whether you would like to learn an effective way of relaxing during or after stressful situations, get a quick energy boost during a long day of work or protect yourself from the influences of negative environments, you will take with you a range of tools that will help you to remain calm, clear and relaxed in every experience of life.

The Introduction to Tantric Yoga class will give you all the knowledge and tools you need for a personal yoga practice, tailored individually for you! After that, in shorter classes we can add more asanas and techniques to create greater depth and variety in your yoga sadhana.

Tantric Yoga provides very specific solutions for every aspect of life such as turning negative emotions into positive feelings, working with fear or anger, transforming negative thought patterns and even improving your sexual life! And naturally, yoga keeps your physical body healthy and fit! Besides these tools from the yogic tradition, I might also include other healing techniques and strategies into your personal program that can benefit you in your process.

Whether it is physical or emotional healing that you need at this time of your life, or just an effective method to reduce stress and unleash more energy, yoga can provide solutions for a whole range of challenges and help you to truly heal and evolve.

Private Tantra Classes

The path of Tantra can appear confusing with all its different branches and systems, and at the same time presents an exciting opportunity to grow and discover new aspects of life and of yourself! Many people who don’t feel comfortable asking questions about their own love lives in a larger group prefer a more intimate and personalized introduction to this vast spiritual system. For this reason, I offer a one-day Introduction to Tantra Private Class that provides you with all the knowledge you need to start practicing, either on your own or with a partner. This class can be booked as a single student or as a couple.

In the class, we will first cover tantric philosophy and the mindset you need to cultivate so that your practice is efficient and safe. We will then dive into sexual Tantra and explore tantric secret knowledge, powerful techniques and practical exercises that will blow your mind and transform your life in the most joyful way! Included in this program are yoga practices that are individually tailored for you and will be supporting your new tantric lifestyle. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of the different branches of Tantra, what Tantra is and what it is not, which teachings would suit you and what sort of courses you might want to take in the future. There will also be book and film recommendations for your further deepening study, practice and insight.

Further, I offer one-hour consultations to help you with more specific questions and problems.

Sacred Conversations

On the journey of my own life, I have been blessed with a few phenomenal teachers and guides that helped me to transform my lived experience from physical illness and emotional pain to pure joy and the ability to trust in and follow my own intuition. I am forever grateful to these exceptional beings for helping me along the way and for teaching me to ultimately trust the wisdom and integrity of my own heart. I now offer private consultations to help you shine light onto blockages you may be encountering in your own journey.

In these consultations, we will assess the situation together and use its wisdom to show you how to connect deeper with yourself and your own wisdom. The tantric art of living doesn’t see difficult manifestations as problems but rather as spiritual tests – and each of them is an opportunity for us to grow and evolve! A guide or teacher with integrity will not try to take a difficult situation from you, but will assist you in seeing the inherent patterns, programs and messages that are manifest in such experiences and provide you tools to work with them. I may suggest some practices for you to help with the specific challenges that are showing up in your life right now and to access the deeper wisdom and teachings that are within them.

A coaching session can include an optional private cacao ceremony, as cacao has proved to be an exceptional medicine that gently assists in opening our heart center and in coming in contact with our deepest Self. For this, you will be offered a cup of pure organic ceremonial grade cacao from Guatemala, blessed with love, mantras and positive intentions, to support you in the gentle opening to your true essence. I am also teaching an 8-step process that will help you to deal with problematic emotions in a healthy and beneficial way to master your daily life with all its challenges in joy and ease.