Cacao was used in ceremonial worship and devotional ritual by the Aztecs and the Mayans, who called it “heart blood”, due to its connection with the heart chakra. These cultures knew about the deep healing and transformation that cacao helps us bring forth in our hearts and souls.

Cacao assists deep personal changes on the soul level through the energy of universal love. A cacao ceremony is a beautiful opportunity to meet ourselves and our deepest feelings and emotions. In a safe space, we open up to the space within our heart, assisted by the cacao that activates within our bodies. This makes it possible to reveal profound insights and create deep healing on many levels. Ceremonial cacao also nourishes the physical body and helps us connect to our own loving energy as human beings.

In a ceremony, we will first bless the cacao with our intentions, positive energy and powerful mantras, and then drink together in a ritualistic way. After that, we will either go into meditation or deepen and express our feelings and insights through dance. Kirtan and sound journey are other beautiful ways of following the pathway that has been created into our deepest heart by connecting with the cacao and taking it into our bodies.

This process leaves us empowered, connected and joyfully alive.
Cacao is one of the most beautiful and powerful medicines on the planet to celebrate life, love and our true Selves.