Hi, my name is Julia and I was born in the western part of Germany. During my teenage years I already found myself drawn to teachings like astrology and psychology and remember sitting in the only esoteric book shop in town, reading about different therapies as well as philosophy and astrology and loving the calm atmosphere around me with all of its crystals and incense.

When I was 20, I fell seriously ill. Instead of accepting that I might not live much longer, I started working intensely on myself since I somehow understood and felt that my inner mental and emotional state was responsible for my physical condition. I felt instinctively that my body had created my symptoms in order to show me that I needed to look closer at different aspects of myself and my life. After three years of intense personal process I finally healed my body and at the same time started my spiritual journey.

At the time of my illness, I was studying Educational Science, Psychology and Sociology at university with the intention of becoming a psychotherapist. By the time I graduated, I had encountered alternative healing methods that I realized were able to transform me in such deep ways, way beyond what I had seen and experienced in conventional psychotherapy. I had gone through such powerful spontaneous changes in my own consciousness – induced by methods that science considers illusionary but that completely changed my reality – that it was impossible for me to stay with what I thought would define my professional life and what I had previously wanted to offer and contribute to the world. I decided to look for the most powerful tools that had helped me to heal, learn to fully embody them and ultimately teach them to others as an offering to the brave souls around me who want to look beyond limiting beliefs we have been taught. It is possible to take the initiative and responsibility to heal our own lives.

At the same time, I started travelling and have lived for almost 15 years in Asia, Africa, Australia and the Americas, before finally creating a home base for myself in Guatemala, Central America. Through the experiences I had on my travels and living in different cultures and communities, I have been blessed with even more powerful spiritual awakenings and plenty of opportunities for facing different situations in life, understanding myself in deeper ways, studying and experiencing different spiritual paths and healing techniques at powerful energy centers of the Earth and also integrating the teachings that I have learned to truly embody them. My love for India where I have spent over three years of my life has led me into the deeper aspects of Yoga and Tantra and taught me how powerfully these ancient paths can transform us.

I am a certified Tantra Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga teacher (750+ hrs.) and have studied and practiced Yoga now for over ten years. I am a Rebirthing Breathwork Facilitator, trained in Virginia, USA at the Rebirthing International Headquarters by Leonard Orr. I have studied both Classical and Neo Tantra as well as tantric ritual, plus different forms of breathwork and massage, including tantric massage. In 2015, I received Deeksha (initiation) by Sri Amritananda of Devipuram in Andhra Pradesh, India and started to dive deep into the ceremonial aspect of Tantra. Besides the Tantra Yoga style I have practiced and experienced more spiritual techniques than I am able to name here, and I love being inspired by learning new elements of different traditions and incorporating them into my own practice and teaching. My greatest wish is to share my knowledge of the amazing potential of the tantric and yogic paths to totally and completely transform our lives and to bless us with peace, serenity and joy – and outrageously ecstatic and blissful moments, too!