“You know, it is really quite important to find this out for yourself, because you have to be a light for yourself, you cannot possibly take the light of another, or be illuminated by another.”

– Krishnamurti

The deep ancient system of Tantra Yoga promotes health and profound healing through a meditative asana practice with chakra awareness that will bring clarity and happiness into your life. When we come together to practice, we are creating beautiful healing energy through our focus and practice and, therefore, opening a sacred space for personal transformation.

This yoga provides powerful tools to purify our body, mind and emotions and to improve our quality of life. Through opening the human energy system in a gentle yet profound way to different kinds of energies, we are able to use yoga in a way that supports us on our individual journey in every stage of life.

In regular classes we practice a variety of different asanas, focusing on strengthening and supporting every individual in different aspects of life. The practice will be supported by breathing techniques, meditation and sometimes dance, kirtan or music meditation. Theory may be explained as well, even though there will be more focus on deeper theoretical aspects in workshops and talks.

The postures are easy to practice and therefore suitable for all body types and age groups. Kali Rose Yoga is neither a fitness practice nor a New Age class! I am promoting a real understanding of Yoga in all its aspects, the effects of which far exceed only physical health improvement, but also reach into the emotional, mental and spiritual realms. The deep knowledge and wisdom of the Indian and Tibetan tantric traditions is translated into our modern language and modern life and helps us to not only achieve personal goals but also reaches further into long-lasting happiness and deep fulfillment.

In retreats and workshops, I will provide you with an in-depth knowledge about the Tantra Yoga system and teach you all you need to really understand yoga and make it a personal practice to reach your individual goals and support you in living a happy and fulfilled life. There is much more to Yoga than just postures! We introduce the human energy system, experience the different types of energy and understand how to use yoga for individual purposes such as achieving more will power, focus and personal authority, clarity of mind and access to higher intelligence and perception or balancing your emotions and overall energy. A central focus point will always be the heart center and the focus on love and self-love.

Every workshop will work with a different theme of life and also provide inspiration and understanding about how we create our personal reality and how we use this knowledge to consciously make changes and live our ideals. After the workshop you will carry a range of tools that you can apply individually to whatever situations or challenges you are facing in your life. In our practice we will use a mix of different techniques and asanas, supported by music for the different types of energies we are working with.

As every human being is special and needs different aspects of healing at different times of life, the practice of Tantra Yoga can support us in powerful ways if we truly understand and know how to use it. The practice of Tantra Yoga creates a beautiful natural High that transforms our daily life into pure joy and celebration.