Tantric ceremonies are beautiful rituals that energize and heal body, mind and soul. By invoking Divine cosmic energy into the body, it is being purified, balanced and energized, which creates healing in all aspects of life.

 I am offering Kalavahana, a powerful healing ritual from the Sri Vidya tradition, to women and men. By chanting Sanskrit mantras and applying them to the appropriate parts of the body with energized touch, the body becomes a vessel for the Divine light.

We invoke the three celestial lights of Fire, Sun and Moon into the body, as well as the five elements, and the forces that rule them. Through the ritual, these forces are being balanced and enhanced in the body, which creates healing on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and energetical. The recipient then is seen as the embodiment of the Goddess and receives the same worship as a deity in a temple. As our body is the perfect representation of the Sri Yantra, it is worshipped here as in Sri Chakra Puja and the same activation of cosmic energy takes place in the body temple of the person. By seeing and worshipping the highest aspect of a human being, the Divine Self, a powerful transfiguration takes place.

This beautiful ceremony purifies the channels of the human energy system, awakens the force of Kundalini Shakti and creates feelings of joy, sacredness and bliss. Physical health and vitality are restored and enhanced to an overall state of wellbeing and harmony. The ceremony can assist with sexual healing as it works with an energy of adoration and respect for the sacred feminine and the integrated masculine. At the same time, it can open the mind for a powerful shift in consciousness and spiritual awakening.

The ceremony can be done nude or fully clothed, and can be combined with a sensual massage. This empowering ritual is a wonderful way to nurture and love yourself and feel the Divinity that you embody and the Divine wisdom and beauty that is within you.


I am also offering Kalavahana as a group ritual that creates a strong energy of purification and healing for the entire field and its surroundings, and as a partner ritual or tantric wedding ceremony to bless the Divine union of two people!

Also I am initiated to perform Homa (Indian Fire Ceremony), which as well can be booked by an individual, couple or a group, to help with the removal of obstacles and energies that don’t serve us, and get charged with powerful cosmic vibrations.

Both ceremonies, Kalavahana and Homa, can be received over distance too, with the same healing effects!


Do it guys – its fantastic!!!

Shashi Solluna, International Tantra Facilitator

Highly recommend Julia’s ceremonies, so exquisite, so powerful, like a fountain of purity arising from within, cleansing the soul.
Errol Campbell, Transformational facilitator, Cyprus

I feel so incredibly different. I feel so much strength and intention and power in every moment these past days. It’s really blowing my mind!
Ebony, El Salvador

Full Gratitude to what Julia offers. It was the most powerful and pleasant gift I have ever received, from a sister of the heart, serving the Goddess in us with authenticity, grace and so much love… and this magical gift of the Goddess never ends… it keeps flowing through all channels…
Youri, South Korea

Working with Julia was a very intimate and heart felt offering, it came at time where I felt some hard grace coming from the Beloved. So it was so perfect to receive through the art of ritual, a beautiful honoring and celebration of our human essence, love! I felt a gentle weaving of the beloved move through me to rejuvenate my energy field. I am deeply grateful for having received the experience of Kalavahana.
Thanks for that session – it was the most beautiful Tantric experience I ever had.
Glenn, Transpersonal & Intimacy Coach, Ireland

I am feeling totally busted open in the echoes of our amazing session together. It’s like you released long held blockages and I can now feel the Goddess in me like never before. There are no words adequate enough to convey my gratitude. You are a beautiful gift to the world xxx
Fiona, UK

It was amazing to meet Julia in summer 2017 when she visited Stroud to hold a sacred fire ceremony in the woodland. She came to my home to give a Kalavahana blessing on me. I picked her up in the car and met the most incredible woman with exquisite presence. I knew very little about what the session would be other than it was gong to be a healing for the yoni and stagnant, wounded, sexual energy. The ritual was a beautiful unfolding of being centred as goddess and adorned with flowers, water, vermillion, sandalwood and mantras for over 60mins. Usually this ritual is performed naked but I was shy to start and felt more relaxed about this after a short time – to my surprise. I felt dynamic shifts and could not stop shaking in this shamanic awakening. At the end, Julia said that my moon-cycle might get affected. I didn’t pay much attention as my cycles had always been regular as clockwork. So when I did get my period – a week early – it was of the darkest red and I was taken aback. Then two weeks later another cycle came that was of the brightest red. I had been re-calibrated, literally.
You are extraordinary – so special and divine. I’m honoured and blessed. Thank you thank you xx
Usha, UK

The ceremony we did was very, very special for me in unexpected ways. I felt a tremendous serenity, peace. A great love. A “rightness”. Whereas under other circumstances I would have been uncomfortable to have been “worshipped”/venerated, you did such careful opening and settling of my energy (chakras) that you welcomed me to feel my divinity within so that at the point of veneration, it felt good, natural, right. A feeling I am re-visiting, calling upon since then.
Nancy, USA

I’ve had the honour of receiving a Kalavahana blessing ceremony from Julia, she’s a very devoted, happy person and I felt all at easy with her and it was easy to surrender to the  moment. Despite being in the moment, I also had some flashes of past experiences and felt lighter and softer afterwards. Thank You Julia

Michalis, Holland


Your ceremony… and you and your energy, both together have made me open all the sensory channels of my body, starting to feel all my emotions after being closed for a very long time and now, even 6 months later, I am again feeling like a 5-year old boy in the house of my grandmother, full of wonder, seeing life with completely new eyes!
Federico, Mexico

The ceremony has somehow helped me energize and cleanse my body so much that I have stronger and longer erections, and even my voice as a singer has improved! I highly recommend it for people who are low on energy.

Felipe, Mexico

The ceremony with you was one of the most beautiful experiences I have made and one of the greatest gifts I have ever received. I can only recommend it to everyone. 
Even if you are new to yoga, energy healing, spirituality… Just be open and it will be worth every second.
Thank you so much Julia. Sending much love from my heart to yours.
Vanessa, Germany

I participated in the Kalavahana ritual done by Julia twice. The first time in a group, the second was an individual session. As a tantric practitioner, I must say that I adore her work. It is a unique opportunity to experience authentic tantric magic (unique even in India!). I can say that Julia is dedicated and sincere in what she does. And she beautifully embodies the Goddess. If you feel intuitively attracted by what she does, you should definitely give it a try.

Skanda, Poland

This morning I received a Kalavahana puja from a beautiful wise sister called Julia. Connecting with my inner goddess, opening for the Divine and meeting Lalita, the Hindu Goddess, the mother of all.
At first my mind was struggling a bit. I mean, normally “we” worship a statue. Now I was the “statue”. Being blessed with beautiful chants, sacred touch, flowers, rose water, incense and chocolate. The energy was so strong that it didn’t take long to surrender to this beautiful gift. I felt limiting beliefs about my femininity, sexuality and womanhood being washed away.
It’s so easy to say we have to love ourselves, to treat our body as a temple. To see ourselves as the Gods that we are, a reflection of the divine. Personally I found it hard sometimes to really feel and embody all that.
That’s why I gave myself this ritual today. To balance out all the years of looking to myself with very critical eyes, feeling small, looking into the mirror not liking myself, disapproving my body and feeling ashamed and hiding my sensuality.
Right now I feel a little tired of all the energies that shifted, but also abundant, strong, soft, sweet, sensual and very very humble.
And I feel more deeply then ever before to treat my body, my whole as this goddess. Re-realizing on a deeper level that my preference for beautiful clothes and sweet fresh fruits and well prepared food and (natural) perfumes is a way of celebrating the goddess within. Because a goddess likes to live in a beautiful decorated, colourful, abundant, delicious smelling papaya banana cacao temple, no? At least mine does. 🙂
Eva, Netherlands


The Sri Yantra has been a life saver for me. Its Sacred Geometry helped me to restructure the basic energies in my life and in my body; light and dark, open and closed, outwards and inwards, masculine and feminine, sun and moon, radiating and receiving… directing them to the core of my essence.
I have been endlessly meditating on this Yantra. Gazing at it for hours, regularly closing my eyes and seeing it reversed inside, as a very direct way to bring the geometry into my consciousness. I had visions in deep medicine space, where I saw it been created from inside out, starting with the Bindu… only a single dot of light, floating in the multiverse…
In the context of prioritising myself, my physical health and above all my inner well-being, one of the things I did to start this new year well was gift myself the empowering tantric healing ritual Kalavahana. When receiving the ritual from Julia, I was embodying the Goddess; the mantras were literally being worshiped in the temple of my body, as a way to nurture and love myself, to feel the Divinity that I embody, and to honour the Divine wisdom and beauty that is within me. That is in all of us.
After Sanskrit mantras were applied to several parts of my body, the three celestial lights of Fire, Sun and Moon were invoked into my body, as well as the five elements, and the forces that rule them. Especially the moment where the energies of Shiva and Shakti were brought together, was mind blowing. My heart, third eye and crown chakra blew wide open, and I felt so transparent… bright light coming in as well as going out… and again, there it was: that ever returning strong vision of the Sacred Union, full of respect for the sacred feminine and the integrated masculine.
In the weeks after, it re-activated a lot of downloads about the Sacred Union that I received in my work with the Ancestral medicines as well. I feel very grateful for the divine synchronicity that Julia happened to be here at this time, as she was initiated to share this ritual.Thank you full heartedly, sister.
Deva Yama Voorhorst, Netherlands.