Rebirthing Breathwork

Rebirthing is an intuitive, integrated form of breathwork that was developed by Leonard Orr in 1974 in the US. This method works on the deepest levels of human consciousness.
Conscious, connected breathing in a state of deep relaxation floods the body with life force and can be used to resolve deep blockages from the system and release negative experiences and traumas from our cellular memory. Negative behavior patterns and recurring negative emotions can be changed and transformed through the deep cleansing process that happens through a combination of deep relaxation, enhanced life force energy and enhanced oxygen levels in the body. Rebirthing can naturally induce a spiritual experience and state of altered consciousness, and ultimately lead to the experience of the Self as the Divine, of all that is.
The experience is physical, emotional and spiritual and can go along with states of pure ecstasy and bliss.

The breathing technique enables us to access old memories that could not be completely digested and integrated. Before our brain was completely developed in childhood, we saved overwhelming memories as physical and energetic sensations in the cells of our bodies. These early impressions are not accessible by our modern minds and daily consciousness. Through breathing deeply and consciously, however, we can reactivate these impressions and experience their energy consciously. This is necessary to dissolve the blockages they have created in our system so that we can integrate them into our adult consciousness and our life force energy can once again circulate fully through the system. It is then that we can access the original happiness, aliveness and natural ecstasy that are our birthright.

Accompanying the breathing process, Rebirthing works with a range of exercises and tools to engage our subconscious beliefs and behavior patterns. These exercises help us see where we block our full capacity and help us explore our highest potential as human beings in order to create the life we really want and deserve.

I am offering private Rebirthing sessions as well as workshops and the sessions can include a private cacao ceremony to help us go deeper into the heart and access our deepest feelings, love and Self-love.

“Julia. I just want to thank you for holding the most beautiful space. I have been able to joyfully and lovingly access deep parts of me that have remained theoretical after 2 decades of meditation and yoga practice. You have held space for me to be with parts of myself that I had not dared to look at. I’m finding every day opportunities to integrate these new ways of being and look forward to accessing more. Thank you a million times.”

Paige, USA